Forensic Group Programs And Group Support For Offenders

Forensic Group Programs

Real change in human behaviour can be achieved. It happens when an individual’s core triggers are identified, and strategies are developed to create a life-changing action plan which is then followed through. We work in connection with the Department of Corrections and the courts, and we understand that tangible change is possible.

We are dedicated to working with you to facilitate that change and help you reintegrate into society seamlessly, and with mitigated possibilities of reoffending. We know that you may have not had the best start in life or could have been involved in a situation where your mental health shrouded your decision-making, but, we look forward to working with you to get your life back on track!

Magnus Health Group Counselling
Shelley Jacks Magnus Health

Shelley Jacks

Program Developer & Director/Founder of Magnus Health

Shelley has over fifteen years of experience working in forensic psychology for Queensland Corrective Services, both in a custodial and non-custodial setting. She has completed over 3000 treatment hours and provided treatment and assessment for high-risk violent and sexual offenders in Queensland.

For a number of years, she was the Team Leader for therapeutic/criminogenic programs and also the Senior Psychologist at Wolston Correctional Centre, where the majority of high-risk offenders are treated. Shelley has many years of experience with the treatment of domestic violence perpetrators. For ten years, she also aided in facilitating the Men’s Domestic Violence Perpetrator Program at Southport Probation and Parole.

The New Way Program

This program has been developed to change the behaviour of first-time sex offenders to reduce their risk of re-offending in the community. It is a presentence program, specifically for men who have decided to plead guilty to the offence and provides an option for bail conditions.

The New Way Program is outcome driven and utilises a co-facilitation model run by Magnus Health’s team of registered psychologists. Over the course of the program, our team will work to understand who the participants are and why they did what they did in order to work with them through a guided step-by-step treatment plan.

Support Magnus Health



38 hours of group treatment (totalling 12 sessions)


Utilises CBT, DBT, psychoanalysis and mindfulness

Relapse Prevention Plan included

Rolling program that allows individuals to start at anytime

Locations in Brisbane, Logan, and Gold Coast

Pre/Post Assessment using STABLE-2007

At the completion of the program, there are two pathways available


A short treatment report that details your participation in the program with some post-treatment recommendations.


Continuation of 1 to 1 treatment and a full pre-sentence/ psychological treatment report that includes history, diagnosis, overview of participation in the group and risk assessment.

Cost & Payment

The total cost of the program is $1900, paid upfront. The breakdown of the cost is outlined below:

For a short treatment report (pathway 1), the total cost is $600, and the full presentence treatment report (pathway 2) is priced at $1500. For ongoing support and psychology, Magnus Health offers one-hour sessions at $200 with the potential of receiving a Medicare rebate.