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Tailored Psychological Support for a Healthier State of Mind

At Magnus Health, we understand that each person’s psychological needs are unique, and we are here to provide tailored solutions to promote mental well-being and emotional health.

If you are seeking psychological support, whether for therapy, counselling, or assessments, our dedicated team under Shelley’s leadership is here to support you on your path to greater psychological well-being.

Our Director, Shelley Jacks, an established psychologist is deeply committed to assisting individuals who face mental health challenges. Shelley has extensive experience in various areas, including corrections, acute mental health, ABI rehabilitation, and cognitive and intellectual disability in both young adults and adults. In her role as the director of Magnus Health, Shelley Jacks leads a team of talented psychologists and counsellors. She plays a pivotal role in providing guidance and expertise to her colleagues, ensuring the highest standards of care and therapy are met.

Contact us today and embark on your journey towards a healthier and happier state of mind.

Our Services


Psychology & Counselling

Our psychology services are dedicated to helping individuals address a wide range of mental and emotional challenges including anxiety, depression, stress, grief or trauma. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment that allows you to discuss any issues/difficulties you are facing openly. Our experienced therapists work with you to develop strategies and build skills to create meaningful and positive change.



Our team is well-versed in the unique needs of individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We have an understanding of a wide array of disabilities and mental health issues and offer psychology and counselling to NDIS participants to assist in capacity building and coping strategies. We engage with stakeholders and are able to provide reports when necessary to aid in NDIS reviews. We can take on self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed participants.

Play Therapy

Our play therapy services create a safe and nurturing environment for clients to explore express their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a non-verbal and non-threatening way and work through emotional challenges. Whether your child is dealing with anxiety, trauma, behavioral issues, or other concerns, play therapy can be a powerful and enjoyable way to promote healing and personal growth.


Court Reports & Assessment

Our court reports and assessments are conducted by skilled professionals who are experienced in legal and psychological matters. We work with lawyers and individuals to provide comprehensive assessments and expert reports to assist in legal proceedings. Our reports are thorough, accurate, and can be instrumental in legal cases. We are also able to provide ongoing psychology. For more information please see our forensic groups page.


General Practitioner Reports

We offer general practitioner reports to assist in the coordination of your healthcare. Our reports provide your primary care physician with valuable insights into your psychological well-being, ensuring that your overall health is managed holistically. These reports enable your healthcare team to work together effectively to provide the best care possible. We work in accordance with the Medicare Better Access Initiative to provide a holistic approach to care, for more information on the Initiative please see below.



Our supervision services are designed to support professionals in the field of psychology. Whether you are a psychologist in training or a practicing clinician, our experienced supervisors offer guidance, mentorship, and a structured framework to enhance your clinical skills and professional development. We are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential in the field of psychology. It also provides an opportunity for professional development and growth.

Our Psychologists

Susan Suckling

Susan Suckling

Psychologist – Beenleigh
Leshay Tate

Leshay Tate

Psychologist – Beenleigh & Robina
Farah Yusuf

Farah Yusuf

Psychologist – Beenleigh
Jasmin Ryan

Jasmin Ryan

Play Therapist/Counsellor – Beenleigh & Robina

Alicia Moran


Yoland Swasbrook

Magnus Health Gallery

Medicare Better Access Initiative

Psychology should be available to everyone. However, there can be some barriers to people getting help.

The Medicare Better Access Initiative is an Australian government program that aims to improve access to mental health services for individuals in need. Under this initiative, eligible individuals can receive financial support for a range of psychological treatments and services provided by registered mental health professionals. By reducing financial barriers and facilitating a more integrated healthcare system, the Medicare Better Access Initiative plays a crucial role in enhancing the mental well-being of Australians and ensuring that those in need can access essential mental health services.

The Better Access Initiative allows you to obtain a rebate of $92.90 for up to 10 sessions across the calendar year. To access the rebate, please visit your general practitioner (GP) and ask for a mental health care plan or a referral. This will provide you with an initial six sessions, after which your GP may consent to a further four sessions.

Our Pricing



Registered Psychologist $220 (Rebate available)
Provisional Psychologist $150



As per NDIS Price Guide (available for ongoing treatment or reports/assessments)

Play Therapy

Play Therapy or Counselling $150

We’re Here for You

If you have any questions contact our team today – whether that be about psychology, counselling, NDIS, or supervision, we are here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process to accessing psychology can be a confusing one!
Got a question? We’re here to help.

The duration of a therapy or counselling session can vary depending on your needs and the service being accessed.

Typically sessions with our psychologists/counsellors are 50 minutes long, whilst play therapy sessions are capped at 45 minutes.

If you are undergoing an assessment or requiring a report it is important to note that the session time will vary depending on the testing being undergone and the amount of information providing prior to the initial consult.

The duration of therapy varies depending on individual needs and goals. Some people may benefit from short-term counselling, while others may engage in longer-term therapy.

In the initial sessions with your psychologist, you will develop a plan as to what you want to work towards and create goals and timelines. These things can shift as therapy progresses.

Some issues may only require brief interventions while others may be more complex and require more time.

When you first arrive, our friendly receptionist will greet you and give you some initial paperwork to go through. This includes an intake form, consent form, any initial assessment tools and other important details regarding the session.

Initially, you and your psychologist will discuss why you have sought treatment, your concerns, personal circumstance, challenges and what you are wanting to get from therapy.

You may be experiencing some feelings of overwhelm or uncertainty of what to discuss, but our psychologists are very experienced and know what questions to ask, they are always willing to meet you where you’re at.

Yes, we offer telehealth sessions for clients who prefer remote sessions. This option allows for greater flexibility and accessibility

We use a reliable and secure telehealth platform and set this up very easily if preferred, inclusive of initial appointments. Let us know if you cannot attend in person and we will arrange a telehealth session for you.

No, you do not need a referral to see a Registered or Provisional Psychologist.

However, you will only be eligible for a Medicare Rebate if you have obtained a GP referral (known as a Mental Health Care Plan) and are seeing a Registered Psychologist

Our Provisional Psychologists do not offer any rebates so we charge a reduced fee of $130 per session.

Yes, therapy is confidential, and your privacy is protected. However, there are some legal and ethical exceptions to confidentiality, which your therapist will explain.

We understand that confidentiality and privacy can be a concern. Any information you supply to use either through reports, directly in session or email are stored appropriately and safely. Our Psychologists are required to adhere to a number of policies, rules and guidelines that protect the personal information of our clients and family members.

The information we collect includes but is not limited to any case notes, records, test results, communication, or reports. We will obtain consent from you if we are seeking to disclose information to relevant third parties (i.e. lawyers, GPs, specialists)

Psychologists focus on talk therapy and counselling, while psychiatrists can prescribe medication in addition to therapy.

Absolutely, therapy can be highly effective for children and adolescents. Young individuals often face unique emotional and developmental challenges, and therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for them to express their feelings and work through various issues. In particular, play therapy, a specialised form of therapy for children, can be particularly effective. Play therapy uses play and creative activities to help children communicate, explore their emotions, and develop coping skills. It can address a wide range of concerns, including behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Our skilled therapists are experienced in working with young clients, tailoring their approach to meet the specific needs of children and adolescents, ultimately promoting their emotional well-being and personal growth.